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I am dumb

Next time i should remember that after boston girl goes to bed i don't really have _that_ much reason to be on the computer.

I _was_ reading in bed and thought about going to sleep about 1ish. However i decided to go see if the computer was free instead, which it was, so i decided to checkout some webpages and see if anyone else was online.

I started talking to Rhavina, and somehow we ended up talking until about five in them morning, when both of us should really have been getting to sleep. Somehow we got onto the topic of sex though, which made it rather hard to walk away from the conversation :)

Reminder to self after the commute this morning: all the cute girls you see on the freeway while driving to work are probably not very interesting; statistically they're probably not that smart, and the odds that any of them are otaku gamer geek girls, or even any _one_ of those three, are _really_ damn low. So it doesn't really matter that you don't have any way of getting to know any of them, and you're better off just ignoring them all anyways.

Now if i could just convince myself to put that into practice.
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