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I left work on friday about 8:30 or 9:00. All was going well until i passed Brea and started up into the hills, at which point traffic very quickly slowed to a crawl. After inching along for ten or twenty minutes i saw one of the electronic signs which was saying that the four right lanes of the 60 were closed. Ick.

Soi looked around at the traffic that was oozing along at about five or ten miles an hour, and decided to get off at the next exit. I had a choice of left or right at the end of the offramp, and noticed that several other cars were turning right, i'd been slightly leaning towards right, so i decided to follow them. The caravan continued on for several blocks and for a little bit it looked like we were heading out into the boonies, but then we arrived at a street promisingly titled Diamon Bar Blvd. I joined the queue of cars turning left, and a couple inersections later when i got stopped at a stoplight i pulled out my Thomas Guide and quickly looked up where i was. Diamond Bar Blvd intersected Temple Ave a few blocks later, which i knew had an onramp for the 57, however it turns out i didn't even need to do that, because following along i saw a line of cars in the left turn lane for a not too obviously stated 57 onramp.

Once i got back on the 57 traffic was totally clear. I got home at about 10:30, but it would have been even later without the detour around the 60.

Saturday morning i got up kind of early, took a shower, tossed clubbing clothes into a bag, and drove out to the LASFS anime showing in North Hollywood. Got there at about 1:30 and stayed till they finished up at 8, minus a quick dinner break. Saw lots of different anime, most of which i'd never seen before. Wasn't particularly impressed with the people, though i didn't get to know them very well while sitting in the dark for six hours watching anime.

Sarisa called shortly after and said that he and Rhavina were heading home (they'd been having dinner at a friend's place) and that i could meet them at their apartment at about 10:00. However his foot was kind of hurting and Rhavina's favorite dom wasn't going to be at the club, so they felt like doing something other than clubbing.

I hung out at a nearby Starbucks till they got home (looked for a Border's or Barnes and Nobles but couldn't find any.) We eventually decided to do a quick game sessions. Sarisa is trying to do a couple quick little adventures for Rhavina and i until Titania gets back from study abroad.

Just as we were about to start i got the happy phone call. Luckily Rhavina and Sarisa were sympathetic and let me go off and talk for a bit, which was nice. Shortly after i finished the phone call the pizza they'd ordered showed up, so we started eating pizza and got back to game.

Rhavina and i had to go rescue a NPC comrade from the technocracy. I had just bought a second dot of Prime, so i got the chance to enchant my Katana and wreak havoc. Well, i tried at least. It worked pretty well on the guards on the roof. And i managed to sneak up on an MIB and decapitate it in one hit, but after that it started dinking. I would roll a huge number of successes to hit, and then biff the damage. Let me say that it is a _good_ thing that you can't botch damage rolls :) There were about seven or eight attacks in a row where i hit, but then did zero or one damage.

Rhavina also started out good, she managed to knock a Hit-Mark unconscious with a full-auto blast from her submachine gun. However after that she started to dink too. Combat went poorly for a few rounds and we took some damage, but we managed to grab the guy and get out. Unfortunatly we were chased out by the Hit-mark because i'd never been able to find the time during the earlier combat to go finish it off with some agravated damage. However we managed to get outside the building and teleport away once we were outside the corespondance ward, so the Hit-mark didn't matter so much anymore.

We finished the game up about 3:00 or so, or at least when i checked the clock when i got home it was 4 or 4:15.

Sunday i got woken up in the morning by Vanora calling to talk to her sister. Since Shawkial was still asleep we talked for a little bit until she got up.

Shawkial and i decided to go over to Vanora's place to watch some anime (and Shawkial also had some stuff that she wanted to pick up) We watched some of a new series i hadn't seen before, and then several more episodes of Ceres.

We went home about sixish and i got some del taco for dinner. I thought about going to Border's and hanging out, but it was getting kind of late, and i don't like taking books into Border's to read, even though i'm sure they'd love it since i'd order coffee and stuff.

So instead i stayed at home and read. However that turned out to be a good thing cause Morna called and i got to talk to her for awhile, and then i called someone else up and talked to them for awhile too.

Then i took a shower and collapsed :)

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