March 4th, 2016


Friday "Fun" Stuff

So this came out last friday, just barely too late to make it into last week's post about Final Fantasy stuff

Top 10 Video Game Theme Covers

Speaking of video game covers though, have i mentioned before that Extra Credits, one of my favorite educational YouTube channels, has a series on remix artists? Sadly there are only about a dozen episodes and they haven't made any more in awhile, but the ones they do have are good.

Extra Remix: All Episodes

And speaking of educational channels, both "Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell" CGP Grey came out with new videos recently.

Kurzgesagt did "Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure"

And CGP Grey has "Zebra vs Horses (Americapox Part 2)"

Which is obviously a follow-up to "Americapox: The Missing Plague"

Hmm, we're gone from video game music, to the drug war and mass incarceration, to genocide. Very "fun" stuff =P

Maybe we should see what i've linked to on twitter recently instead?

"Chris Christie’s wordless screaming"

Well that's funny, though still kind of depressing, what else?

"The rise of American authoritarianism"

...not helping!

Well as long as we're talking about Trump anyways, i'm sure most people have seen this already, but:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump (HBO)

I'm not sure how i feel about trying to defuse Trump by referring to him by a name that sounds a bit silly, but the video is certainly funny at least. (And contained a couple tidbits about Trump's suckitude that i didn't know before.)

Ok, to try and end things an an upbeat note, and get back to the theme of music, how about a new Doubleclicks song about Star Wars?

PROTOCOL (C-3Po's Lament) - The Doubleclicks

...well okay, it is a Lament, but compared to some of the previous stuff it's positively cheery!