March 27th, 2015

Games: Tifa - FF7 (Full)

FF14 - Crafts-Master

Remember back in January when i first posted about FF14 saying i was a jack of all trades, but master of none?

Well i am now a master of all trades, at least if you're only counting crafts :)

It took just a little under three months total. I certainly could have done it significantly faster if i'd been more focused, but still not too bad i don't think. (Especially given that i didn't have access to some of the more advanced tricks, since my main class is only level 28. Mainly the Beast Tribe quests and the Costa Del Sol, Coerthas, and Mor Dhona levequests.)

I'm also pretty close to being a Master-Chopper and a Master-Digger as well. The only thing i'm a bit behind on is being a Master-Baiter.

Friday Fun Stuff!

When was the last time i did one of these? But anyways, this week i have three videos that are fun, though definitely not the best ever.

This one definitely is fun. It's a silly but awesome dinosaur "documentary" that takes its subject very literally :)
"Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards"

This one took me a little while to get. I watched this video once, and was kind of "meh" about it. In particular i didn't really like the extraneous intro and extro, and although the main joke was amusing it did start to drag a little partway through the video.

HOWEVER, then someone pointed out that there is a "translation" option in the subtitles. I can't say if it gives you a better appreciation if you watch it without the subtitles once first, but certainly if you get bored partway through restart the video and turn them on.

(Though in my case i had to turn the volume down the second time because i was having too hard a time reading the subtitles while the totally disjointed audio was going on, especially for Groot.)

"Hodor vs Groot Rap Battle"

I also have some reservations about this video. I don't actually like the song that much, but you've got to admire the amount of effort they clearly put into it. And of course i'm sure other people with different tastes in music might appreciate it a lot more than me.

"Dark Lord Funk - Harry Potter Parody of 'Uptown Funk'"
Anime: Ukyo

AMV.Org VCA Nominees Data

Here's a follow-up to that previous data analysis post i did about the finalists in the 2015 Viewers Choice Awards.

Since there was (a very small amount of) interest in that kind of thing i spent some more time putting together a similar table for all of the nominees.

(There is also a spreadsheet on Google that contains all this data, plus a listing of which categories each creator was nominated for. You can find that here.)

Because it's a much larger set of data it's hard to draw a lot of conclusions from it intuitively. Other than the fact that wow, drewaconclusion, Ileia, Rider4Z, MycathatesyouAMV, BecauseImBore1, BakaOppai, AMVLuna, VivfxAMV, PieandBeer, and BasharOfTheAges all kicked ass! The top 10 people each got over 10 nominations each!

drewaconclusion and Pieandbeer tied for the most number of videos nominated (8 each) with Ileia and Rider4Z close behind (7 each.) drawaconclusion and MycathatesyouAMV were both nominated in 15 different categories, with Rider4Z at 14, BecauseImBored at 13, and AMVLuna and Ileia at 12.

Haunter101 cleans up on the "focused" end of things, with Good Clean Fun being their only nominated video and getting 10 nominations in 10 categories, but we could already tell that was an outstanding case just from the finals.

212 videos split the 480 total nominations. That's an _average_ of 2.26 nominations per video. However of the 124 people that made were nominated 83 of them, just over two-thirds, were nominated for just a single video. And of those 53 of them, well over one-third of the total, were only nominated in a single category.

The top 12 creators, as sorted by number of nominations, or in other words the top 10%, got a total of 196 nominations for 55 videos, or 25.9% of the videos and 40.8% of the nominations.

drewaconclusion, the top 0.8%, had 8 videos, 3.8% of the total, get 27 nominations, 5.6% of the total.

And here's the short (or rather narrow) version of the table behind a cut:

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