March 26th, 2015

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Final Fantasy Reminiscences - FF6

It took awhile to finish this post, partly because i've been busy with other stuff but also partly because i may remember more about this game than any other Final Fantasy. (Though as you'll soon see that's not to say my recollection isn't far from perfect.)

Final Fantasy 6 came out my freshman year in college. I don't think i had my SNES there for the first semester, and i didn't actually get the game until christmas anyways. However there was a guy in the single across from my room that had a SNES and had picked it up. I believe kirinn and i both spent time watching him play.

The first year i was at college the internet consisted mainly of gopher and Usenet. (I got access to the "real" internet the year after the Eternal September, but i'd like to think that i adapted more to the previous mindset than a lot of people. Perhaps because i was on BBSes for quite awhile before that.) I remember reading quite a lot of posts about FF6 on the related Usenet channels, but i'm not sure if that happened before i got the game myself or not.

When i got the game i of course dumped a huge amount of time into it. I forget when i finished it the first time, but i got all the characters (except General Leo ;) and got the full ending. And then at some point in the next year or three it was pointed out to me that you could finish the game with only thee characters, so i set out to accomplish that. And at some point over that period i started a new game to research how to maximize stat gains from leveling with Espers. (I wonder what i ever did with that data? I'm sure someone else has done a better job of producing it by this point.)

Times played: 2-3 (Complete) 1 (Incomplete)
First played: 1994
Last completed: 1998?
Last seen: 1998? (It seems like i must have done something with it more recently than that, but i can't think of a specific example.)


Terra/Tina - Magically enslaved magical girl
Locke - Thief, er, treasure hunter.
Edgar - Ladies man prince (or so he'd like to think anyways.)
Sabin - Body-builder prince
Strago - Old Blue Mage, grandfather of Relm
Shadow - Ninja with "mysterious" past
Interceptor - Shadow's dog. Eats strangers.
Relm - Magic painter. Granddaughter of Strago. Gets along great with Interceptor.
Celes - Ex-imprisoned ex-Imperial ex-general.
Setzer - Lady's man gambler and airship pilot with a tragic backstory.
Cyan - Knight/samurai with a tragic backstory.
Rachel - Tragic backstory.
Cyan's wife - Tragic backstory.
Cyan's kid - Young tragic backstory.
??? - Tragic backstory.
Gogo - ???
Gau - Wild child
Mog - Wild Moogle (and wicked dancer.)
Umaru - Wild Yeti
Geshtal - Evil emperor
Kefka - Evil clown
Ultros - Evil octopus

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