February 6th, 2015

Games: FF Crystal

Final Fantasy Reminiscences - FF5

I was running a little behind yesterday, so i guess instead of Throwback Thursday it's Final Fantasy Friday? :)

During high school i played "Final Fantasy 2" (multiple times.) My first year in college i played "Final Fantasy 3". Then around that time i found out through the magic of that new-fangled internet thing that "FF2" and "FF3" were actually FF4 and FF6, and there were three Final Fantasy games that had never been released in the US.

When i read up about it i was amazed to discover that there was a modern Final Fantasy game that let you pick your classes like back in the first Final Fantasy. In fact not only just pick your classes, but change them! And there were over a dozen different classes to pick from!

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And it also helps that there are a lot of challenges you can do with the game because of the Job system. Every year there is a "Four Job Fiesta" event where you can have a bot pick out four jobs, one from each of the four crystals, and those are the only Jobs you're allowed to use. (I signed up for the event a year and a half or two years ago, but only got about halfway through the game. You may or may not be able to identify the part where i left off below =)

Times played: 1 (Complete) 2-3 (Incomplete)
First played: 1996 +/- 6 months?
Last completed: 1996 or 1997?
Last seen: Got partway through the Four Job Fiesta in... 2013?

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