January 29th, 2015

Games: FF Chocobo (FF5)

More Chocobos!

Between looking forward to getting my chocobo in FF14, actually getting the chocobo, figuring out what to name my chocobo, and the discussion about various chocobo music yesterday stemming from that name, i've had the chocobo theme stuck in my head for about a week now. Perhaps i should go back to listening to the Into the Woods soundtrack again so i can get that stuck in my head instead?

But in the meantime, whenever i hear the chocobo theme in my head it is often accompanied by the only lyrics i have ever heard for the song, from the "ROBOVoice" remix by Joe Redifer on OCRemix. Someone at Newground set the (already amusing) music to an amusing video and every so often i feel compelled to go look it up again and rewatch it. (Of course i also have the song on as part of my regular extended playlist.) So far i've only found two versions of it on youtube, one of which has some small visual artifacts from the capture process, and the other of which cut off part of the beginning and seems slightly blurry. So small visual artifacts it is!


And it's in the video description, but here's the link to the song's page on OCRemix:
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Final Fantasy Reminiscences: FF4

Final Fantasy 4

Initially released in the US as Final Fantasy 2, since they hadn't gotten around to releasing the previous two games on the NES and didn't want to confuse us poor dumb Americans by skipping numbers. I also didn't realize until much later that the US got the "easy" version of the game, which cut out a few plot bits and other details.

I was soooo looking forward to this game as a kid, and the graphics and music were amazing when i finally did get to play it. My sister even sat around and watched me play it quite a bit, through more than one play-through. It's almost certainly the Final Fantasy game that i've finished most often, and probably still the one that i've started the most games of (though the number of incomplete FF5 play-throughs may start edging it out soon.)

Early on in the series FF developed a (kind of) tradition where in the odd ones you could choose your class, but in the even ones each character got stuck with one. FF2 is kind of a cop-out in that you couldn't literally change classes, but only because there were no classes, but it's in full force for FF4. The characters were all named and important to the plot (which was new for the US) and they all had a class assigned to them that couldn't be changed (with one particular exception.)

I like the named and more detailed characters. I didn't realize how much i missed the job changing until i heard about/got to play FF5 and FFT however.

Times played: 4-5 (Complete) 1? (Incomplete)
First played: 1991 (Really? FF4 came out just 2 years after FF1 in the US? It seemed like so much longer at the time!)
Last completed: 1996-2000?
Last seen: Haven't watched any Let's Plays, so outside of the occasional screencap it would have been the last time i finished it.

Actual spoilers again this time, since i actually remember this one to some degree!

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But anyways, that was Final Fantasy 4! Or at least as much as i could remember of it. Certainly more than the "bonus round" at least! :)