December 15th, 2014

Sad Kitty

Burger King Still Hates Us

Avalyn and i were kind of hoping that the Burger King wasn't _closed_ closed, that it was just being renovated. Or maybe that another fast food chain had bought it out. (I would have been ecstatic about an In-n-Out going up, though that would be only so-so for Avalyn) but we weren't really that optimistic.

Then Avalyn poked around and manged to find a local article about it. It turns out that some local church group bought it so they could build a new church, along with the not-quite-historic-enough-to-be-protected movie theatre next door. (The article didn't really specify what was wrong with their old church.)

I'm sure that's great for the people who are going to use it, but it's not so great for Avalyn and i =/
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