November 13th, 2014


Imager's Portfolio Series

I've been going through L. E. Modesitt Jr's "Imager Portfolio" series. I'm currently most of the way through "Imager's Battalion". In general i like the magic system in these books and like the way it's handled, but there's something i've got to get off my chest.

So the basic magic is that Imagers can cause things to appear out of nothing just by imagining it. They can also make things disappear. The limitations are the size of the things they "image," what the items are made out of, how far away they're trying to do it from, and how long they keep doing it. Obviously the closer and smaller the object the easier it is. Organics are pretty easy, metals are much harder.

There are also some "secondary" abilities the nature of which isn't really clearly explained. If they're strong enough and sufficiently skilled they can harden the air into invisible shield for protection, they can make "concealment shields" which prevent people from seeing them, and they can project emotions (which is generally used for intimidation or for cajoling people.)

Past here their are spoilers for the first six or so books of the series. (Which means that no one else will be reading this post, since i don't think anyone else reads the books.)

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