July 25th, 2014

Games: Playstation

Good PC Game Controllers?

Short version: I tried plugging in my PS3 controller last night for Rogue Legacy and found that the MotionInJoy drivers seem to have stopped working. I tried troubleshooting for a little bit but now i'm thinking of just getting a new controller.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a PC gamepad that _isn't_ an XBox controller? And preferably isn't shaped more like an XBox controller than a PS3 or SNES controller?

Does anyone have any experience with using a PS4 controller on PC? Is it any easier to set up than a PS3 controller? (It would be kind of funny if i ended up getting a PS4 controller before i get a PS4 =)

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At the moment i've still got the game paused at the entrance to the boss (which is playing havoc with my playtime statistics) so if i order a new controller soon (presumably from Amazon *sigh*) and it doesn't require too much in the way of setup (i.e. requiring a reboot) i _might_ be able to make a stab at the boss with a controller on sunday or more likely monday.

Friday Fun Stuff: Video Edition

Weird Al - Word Crimes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gv0H-vPoDc

So Weird Al got his first #1 album ever with "Mandatory Fun". Part of the way he managed this was spamming the internet with a ton of music videos around the release window. I actually managed to pick up the album before hearing about said videos. This was also the first time i've picked up a Weird Al album within the first week of release in... ever i think. I also picked up the previous album since i didn't have that yet. Actually i think these are the first ones i've bought since Alapalooza, but i decided to limit myself to two at once. So i did everything backwards and haphazardly, but in this case it worked out for him :)

In any case _after_ buying the album i went and checked out a couple of the videos. The one above isn't my favorite song from the album, though it is good, but so far it's the one that benefits most from video format. And after watching it you get bonus points if you can guess the other reason why i decided to share it :)

Speaking of YouTube over the last six months or so i've actually started subscribing to channels instead of just watching whatever random stuff happens to show up on my feed. A month or three ago i found the Metal Floss channel, which is mostly hosted by the vlog brothers. (Who i found via CGP Grey, who i discovered i forget how.)

The first one i watched, and still one of the best i think, was this one in which they try out a bunch of "life hacks":

They then followed it up a little later with a sequel testing out a bunch more "life hacks":

(And can i just say that something about the term "life hack" really bugs me? I realize it's easier to say than "this is a cool trick i learned", but something about "life hack" just seems very... i dunno, hipster to me?)

But anyways, they came out with another one recently about misconceptions about sex. Most of them are pretty predictably dumb. However they got to the one about how "men think about sex every 7 seconds", which i've heard before and instantly dismissed as incredibly unlikely. _I_ certainly don't think about sex that often. However then he read the results of an actual study and i got a bit of mood whiplash. Apparently i think about sex rather a lot compared to the average =P

Finally, this is a really cool, although somewhat longish at around 10 minutes, combination short film and music video about robots. (If you do watch, be sure to go all the way to the end =)