July 24th, 2014

Anime: Ukyo

"Toradora!" & "Attack on Titan"

Two anime that we recently finished watching, both of which we really liked.

Attack on Titan (1st Season)

So just to get this out of the way first, Attack on Titan is definitely gory at times. However it is not all gory all the time the way that some AMVs made it seem like beforehand.

Thematically it reminds me of Evangelion with a little bit of Dragon Ball Z thrown in. (At one point, in the middle a multi-part sequence, the "Last time on Attack on Titan" segment hit 3 minutes.)

Collapse )

In reality that conversation would have quickly terminated with "mind that tree," "what tree?" *splat*

But again, aside from the tendency for everyone to talk too much (squadmates to each other, individuals to themselves, the narrator to the audience) it is pretty good.


So after watching a couple episodes of Attack on Titan we would usually then watch a couple episodes of Toradora to wind down.

Toradora is a high school romantic comedy/drama. The impression i had ahead of time was that it involved a very short girl with lots of hair who hits people a lot in generally and in particular mistreats a guy who she may or may not be interested in. And... that's really fairly accurate.

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So it starts out in a very gender role-reversal way and tries to invert or subvert a lot other tropes as well, which is nice. Once the mid-season drama bombs start dropping it gets a bit more "normal", which seems to bother some people, but i think even after that it's still playing games with some tropes.

So TL:DR. First half of the season, comedy with light-hearted romantic angst and lots of trope subversion. Second half of the season, drama, then some comedy, then DRAMA, with less (but not zero) trope subversion.