July 23rd, 2014


Other Stuff (The Last Unicorn, Malediction, & Blown Tires)

Things that have happened over the last couple weeks that i didn't get around to writing a post about at the time

The Last Unicorn

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The friday before that we went to the steampunk ball at Malediction with thumbie and shamiksan.

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Blown Tire

As was documented on twitter (https://twitter.com/Donaithnen/status/489945872080187393) last week while heading home from work wednesday afternoon Avalyn's tire... well i'm not sure "blew out" is entirely proper, but it defintiely fell apart. Luckily she'd already gotten off the freeway when it happened and was able to safely make it to a side street and pull over. I got the call from her about it while i was conveniently already halfway home and managed to find my way to her.

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She had to spend awhile getting two of her tires replaced the next morning. (The other two were newer and still seemed to be okay.) I think it ended up costing her about $250, which made me feel a bit better about having spent a little over $500 on my 4 tires.