July 16th, 2014



We went to see Snowpiercer last night. It's a very good movie. However it is very artsy/philosophical movie in a dark and violent wrapper, as opposed to a practical SF movie.

When i first heard about the movie i wondered what practical reason there would be to maintain the last human society after the apocalypse in a constantly moving train. And it turns out there is no practical reason. And really no practical way it could work. It makes a good metaphor for the "social commentary on the classes of society" theme and it lets them tell a particular kind of story with many different striking scenes, but that's it.

Also, did i mention the darkness and violence? The movie starts with 99.9999% of the people on Earth dead and only goes downhill from there. Do not go see this expecting a cheery ending for everyone.

Avalyn compared it to Reservoir Dogs, which i haven't seen so i can't comment on that. The style seemed a bit like Blade Runner to me, except even more dystopian. Oh, and i guess a little bit of Hunger Games, especially with the Tilda Swinton character. I think some people have compared it to Elysium because of the social commentary thing. I haven't seen Elysium but from what i understand even if the comparison is vaguely accurate the moral of Snowpiercer is a lot darker than the one of Elysium.

After acknowledging exactly how impractical it all is, i am still curious about the actual dimensions of the train however.

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