July 11th, 2014



We went to see Maleficent last week (the day before i headed off to Anime Expo. Very busy week!)

I liked it quite a bit better than i was originally expecting, mainly because my initial impression was that they were going to try and shoehorn a sympathetic version of Maleficent into the original Disney Sleeping Beauty story. Instead they told an entirely new story in which Maleficent is a (mostly) sympathetic character. Although the story is certainly close enough that you could argue that the animated version is the same story after passing through the distortion of hundreds of years as a folk tale.

From what i understand some people who were huge Maleficent fans before this feel like she was cheapened by this movie or something along those lines. Since i wasn't a fan of her in particular before this however i feel that a more realistic character development beats out having her as an unadulterated bad guy.

There's only two little spoilery things i have to say...

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AMV: Ishvalan Eviction Notice

Relevant to the AMV posts, if you like Wreck-It Ralph and have seen Full Metal Alchemist this is the best AMV ever!


Last year at Anime Expo i saw this video in the AMV room. It was stated as being "unfinished" but i still thought it was amazing. I eagerly waited for it to become available and was rewarded late last year. I can't remember my first viewing well enough to say what has been changed or improved from the "unfinished" version, but it's definitely still amazing.

I was hoping that it would be part of the AMV contest this year now that it's done. However it seems the creator submitted the "unfinished" version to last year's contest, which disqualified it for participation in this year's contest. Which is really sad, because personally i would have voted for it as best Comedy _and_ best in show.

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