July 7th, 2014

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Anime Expo 2014 AMV Contest Recap

Once again i am up too late before going back to work writing up my impressions of the Anime Expo AMV Contest.

They changed the format again a little this year. The Parody/Trailer category from last year has been removed as a regular category and was now a "bonus genre" consisting of trailers and commercial parodies that were interspersed between the regular categories. However despite not being a "real" category there were still winners.

Edit: Oh yes, one other little new edition, they now do a brief clip of a past winner when introducing each category, it's pretty cool. (/Edit)

Once again i have spoiled myself for some of the videos by going to SakuraCon and participating in the AMV.org Viewers' Choice Awards voting, which is entirely my own fault.

However i've got to say that this is the first year in quite awhile where i've walked out of the AMV Contest without a song stuck in my head that i feel compelled to go download. And the exact same thing happened at SakuraCon. I'm not sure if i'm just out of synch for this year, or if i suddenly got old in the last 12 months and need to start telling those damn kids and their crazy music to get off my lawn.

So here's the list of AMVs, as best as i can transcribe it from the (awesome) tear-away ballot sheet:

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And here's a rundown of how i and the majority voted, as well as some opinions about the categories and videos.

(It should be noted that i did not have time to find links for _all_ the AMVs, but i managed to dig them up for almost all of the winners and personal favorites.)

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So to recap it briefly:
Comedy/Humor: Totally awesome
Upbeat/Dance: Rather disappointing, mainly because it didn't have many song appealing to my preferences. (Probably due to a lack of new generic pop songs this year =)
Drama/Theatric & Romantic/Sentiment: Not really my cup of tea, as is often the case (with Rider4Z's "The Monster in Me" and MinetChan's "Crazy Little Thing" being the two big exceptions.)
Action/Adventure & Fun: Not outstanding but generally acceptable
Trailers/Parody: If the reason for the change to "bonus" content was a belief that the Trailer category wasn't strong enough to stand on its own then i certainly agree with that, but i'm kind of biased against trailer AMVs. I did appreciate having them as an intermission however (though we could have used a little more time with the lights on to fill in the ballots.)

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