June 14th, 2014


"How To Train Your Dragon 2" Review (Non-Spoilery Version)

We went to see "How To Train Your Dragon 2" last night. I loved the first one but i'm usually suspicious of what seems like unnecessary sequels. So as usual before any movie that i'm worried i might get too excited about i skimmed over several negative reviews. (Skimmed, because too often reviews spoil stuff without sufficient warning.)

I believe the reviews i read claimed the movie had pacing problems at the beginning and was too stereotypical an example of Campbell's hero's journey.

The stereotypical thing might be true, but i'm always a sucker for simple hero's journey stories so i didn't mind. They certainly spent awhile setting up up the story before jumping into the main action, but i would not have termed it as a pacing problem.

So in any case i quite enjoyed the movie and think everyone should go see it, though it wouldn't hurt to skim some negative reviews first :)

(Also, why don't i have any generic dragon userpics?)