November 16th, 2013


I have a new phone!

Or rather i'll be getting it in about a week. Avalyn went ahead and ordered a Star Wars themed Moto X last night, which prompted me to go ahead and order mine as well. (Because if she gets hers first i will be sooooo jealous until mine shows up =)

Originally i was going to ignore the "Power On" message option, but after looking at what Avalyn chose for hers i got the brilliant idea that that would be the perfect place to put "Greetings Programs" :)

(Just for the record, hers is blue and black and silver, with "Rebel Alliance" on the back and "Your Worshipfulness" on boot up :)

So after that i still had the inscription to figure out. I had kind of narrowed it down to either "Flynn's Arcade" and "I Fight For the Users", and was leaning a little towards the later (thank you beth_leonard for being the only person other than Avalyn to share an opinion on that =) but Avalyn thought "The Game Grid" was cool, because the woven texture back panel i'd selected looked kind of like a grid.

I did think that was cool, but there was something kind of wrong with the name. And then we started looking through quotes on IMDB to see if there was anything we'd missed. Which is when i realized the other problem i had with "The Game Grid". That phrase gets used a couple times in Tron, and it refers to just the game arena (duh.) In Tron Legacy they actually use the term "The Grid" a lot more, referring to the whole world world (or at least all of the "civilized" parts of it.) In fact those are the very first words of the movie. I've listened to the Daft Punk soundtrack so much, which includes the opening mostly-monologue, that i probably subconsciously felt "The Game Grid" was kinda awkward even though i wasn't remembering exactly why. So although i still really liked "I Fight For the Users", i decided i couldn't resist the combined force of putting the very first words in the movie on the back of my phone, _and_ having it be a pun :)

So after i spent $550 on the phone (unlocked price for T-Mobile, Avalyn got hers for $100 on Verizon with contract renewal) i added on $15 for a screen protector, which is seriously overpriced but i wanted the convenience of something that fits rights and i would have right away. When it wears out i'll do some find something cheaper to replace it with.

And then i bought a Nexus 5 neoprene sleeve. Because neoprene sleeves designed specifically for the Moto X don't seem to exist. There are a lot of knock-offs of the Nexus One neoprene sleeve on ebay, some of which were apparently designed for the Galaxy Nexus, but i'm not sure whichof them, if any, would fit the Moto X properly. The Nexus 5 one is guaranteed to be too large if anything, and it was $10 for that with a spare car charger off of Amazon or $3-$5 to order something unknown off of ebay, so i decided to pay a little more for the slightly safer option. I'll definitely be looking into better neoprene sleeve/pouch options later, but this should do for now.

Then i went on T-Mobile and ordered a new "pay as you go" nano-SIM card. I'm going to try and switch my number over to the $30/month unlimited data/unlimited texts/100 minutes plan. The website says you can do that, even though the people at the T-Mobile store didn't think it was possible. (The people at the T-Mobile store also didn't know you could get a Moto X for the T-Mobile network, so...) Assuming i can get that to work i may have to pay for some extra minutes on some months, but even at $0.10 a minute i'd have to average over 300 extra minutes per month before it got near the $65 per month i'm paying now for unlimited data/unlimited texts/500 minutes. And if i put that $30 a month away into savings it will only take me 1.5 years to make up the cost of the phone :)

Oh yeah, and in other news i also spent $300 on holiday plane tickets last night, so all in all it was a very expensive evening at home :)

And just for fun, here's Daft Punk's "The Grid", from the Tron Legacy soundtrack :)