November 11th, 2013


Movie Post 1: Gravity, redux in 3D

I went to see Gravity again last week and this time it was the 3D version, so i figured it would be interesting to see how much difference that makes.

My conclusion is that it makes pretty much no difference at all to me. As was generally the case with 3D movies i noticed the 3D effect for the first couple minutes, and then completely forgot about it. And for that first couple minutes my reaction was mainly "hey, you can see that thing X is in front of thing Y, and wow thing Y is really blurry." I presume thing Y was also blurry in the 2D version, but somehow the differential distance in the 3D version kept calling my attention to the things that were out of focus, at least until the point where i just stopped noticing the 3D.

I'm sure that at any point during the movie i could have intentionally focused on the 3D and started noticing it again, but i was too engrossed with actually watching the movie to think of doing that.

The one exception was right after she reached the ISS, there's a scene where several object fly directly at the camera, which made me flinch because of the 3D effect. However i don't really find that to be a desirable effect. And as soon as things stopped flying directly at my face i forgot about the 3D entirely again.

So i'm not bothered by 3D, i can see it just fine. It doesn't make me nauseas and it doesn't give me headaches. It seems entirely natural to me, in fact so natural that i just don't notice after a short period and it thus contributes absolutely nothing to the movie. I guess that makes me a rather small subset of the population or something.

Aside from the (lack of) impact of the 3D, there was one interesting thing about my second viewing of the film. It seems that the theatre we saw it in had a problem with its sound.

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When the movie was over i mentioned the problem to the group and the one or two other people who'd also seen it before were like "yeah, i noticed that too" but everyone else was totally amazed. They'd all come up with theories (mainly the aforementioned "weird artistic choice") to explain the phenomenon, and were surprised to find out it was actually some kind of technical glitch.

Movie Post 2: Thor: The Dark World

Avalyn and i and her sister and a friend went to see Thor: The Dark World friday evening.

My overall impression: Not a great movie, but a fun one. I was definitely not disappointed but i certainly wasn't overwhelmed either.

Part of the problem is that even though i tried to pay as little attention to the trailers as possible they still over-hyped the movie a little. If you've seen the trailers, just be warned that the movie may not be quite as epic as the trailers made it out to be (or at least not as epic as i was interpreting the trailers as making it out to be.)

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Oh yes, and as others have mentioned before, if you're watching a Marvel movie then you sit through ALL the credits. You don't just walk out after the mid-credits teaser.