September 24th, 2013

Games: Consoles (Nintendo)

I'm such a cheater :)

So a month or two ago i learned that after Nintendo made the Streetpass Relay thing available, some enterprising people figured out that would could spoof the Mac addresses of the relay points to trigger a Streetpass on their 3DS.

There are several different methods of doing so, but all of them required some piece of hardware that i didn't have. However i finally got around to doing some research and ended up ordering a $10 USB wireless adapter from Amazon last week. (The other option was to wait until i get my next Android phone and root it.)

It showed up last night and i spent well over an hour trying to get it installed properly. (There were two or three sets of 'helpful' instructions for how to go about the installation online, and i chose to follow the "wrong" one first, and then even when i switched to the "right" way it still took a couple tries.) However i persevered and eventually was triumphant.

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However i doubt i'll care enough to bother doing that. Just getting 10 or 20 streetpasses a day will be more than enough for me :)