July 16th, 2013


Pacific Rim: Review

We went to see Pacific Rim on friday.

Non-spoilery version:

It definitely didn't have the best plot and characterization in the world, but it was a perfectly adequate for a Kaiju (giant monster) film. You get to watch giant robots fight giant monsters, and the special effects are pretty good. I do wish we could see a little bit more of the fighting though given that that's the whole point of the film, especially the giant robots.

There were several bits that made me think of Evangelion, which was amusing.

We also "accidentally" saw it in 3D. Avalyn thought she ordered 2D tickets. I was there at the time and certainly would have remembered if she'd specifically asked for 3D tickets. And yet somehow we ended up in a 3D showing.

The 3D glasses at this theatre were big clunky plastic things that felt heavy and fit over glasses even less well then regular 3D glasses. They were also kind of smudgy. And even once i'd gotten them cleaned and mostly situated on my face... 3D just really doesn't add much to movies in my opinion.

The one thing that kind of bugged me....

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All the other potentially dumb bits i was able to gloss over in my mind, because that's the way these movies work. But not that bit.