July 9th, 2013

Beeda: Haruhi

AMV Contest Commentary Time

I got about 3-4 hours of sleep last night, coming off of a con weekend, because jmpava got me started thinking about this around midnight and i just couldn't resist writing up everything. (Or at least a lot of the things =)

So there were a number of changes to the AMV contest this year. One thing that didn't change however is the very excellent ballots with the tear off voting section that lets you keep the notes for what was played, which makes writing this post _so_ much easier!

So last year there were five categories, "Drama", "Action", "Random/Fun", "Comedy", and "AMTV - Pro".

This year there were six categories. "Drama" was split into "Drama/Theatric" and "Romance/Sentiment". "Comedy" and "Random/Fun" were bred together and had two descendants, "Parody/Trailer" and "Fun/Humor". The AMV organizers mentioned during the retrospective panel that they never were sure what "AMTV" and "AMTV - Pro" were supposed to be. Partly it ended up being "videos that were better than all the rest," but they felt that ultimately that just detracted from all the other categories, and i remember on occasion the fact that it was a mish-mash of genres could make it hard to judge. So they dropped that category this year, or rather officially transformed it into the other trend it was following, "Upbeat/Dance." "Action" pretty much just stayed the same, but they welded "Adventure" on to the end so it wouldn't feel lonely compared to the others.

Overall i think those were some positive changes. As someone who likes a lot of romantic and sentimental drama videos, but not so much the DRAMA-drama videos or the horror-drama videos, that split makes a lot of sense to me. Although it does mean that there's now one "drama" category that i really like and one that i'm kind of meh about.

I'm also rather meh about trailer videos in general. Occasionally they're genius, more often the pairing is amusing but not strong enough to carry an entire video in my opinion, or i'm just not interested at all.I think part of me feels that doing a trailer video is too easy and not as creative. Since i've never created an AMV in my life however it's entirely possible that's an unfair view. But in any case, this year there were a lot of trailer videos. I'm not sure if the creation of the "Parody/Trailer" category encouraged the acceptance of more trailer videos, if the category was created just because there were so many of that kind of video.

So here are all the AMVs that were in the contest. (And between the leetspeak, the smooshed together names, the japanese, and the just plain made up words i'm sure there are any number of tyops in there =P)

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And here are the winners as well as my thoughts on some of the AMVs, both individually and as a category.

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Overall thoughts:

It's a little sad that most of the best stuff in the contest were videos that i'd already seen before, though that's hardly AX's fault. However even though i didn't make it to all of the "Best of the Non-Finalists" panel, during the time i was in there i saw a couple AMVs that i really liked and might well have voted for if they'd been finalists. (I'm hoping a list of those will be posted at some point soon on AMV.org or some such.) Clearly some years the judges agree with my tastes and some years they don't so much.