June 28th, 2013


Pus Update

Since Avalyn was poking at me about it (in addition to akiko and beth_leonard) i went ahead and called the orthopedist and talked to one of my doctor's nurses. She said that from what i described it sounded like it was probably just a suture trying to work its way loose and said i shouldn't worry about it as long as i didn't get a fever or anything like that. She said i could come by the office on tuesday to have the doctor take a look at it if i wanted, but otherwise just put a bandage over it and don't be concerned unless the pus comes back or i get other symptoms.

Friday Fun Stuff: Late Edition

Woke up late this morning, but here's some last minute stuff.

More Minecraft videos! Because i like those, and other people sometimes do too! :)

Next, i've gotten behind on CPGrey stuff, but pretty recently he put out "Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2", which as usual is both entertaining and informative.

An io9 article about "What story made you fall in love with science fiction and fantasy?" It's one of those polls in the form of user comments, but it's still fun to look through the results, especially with all the cover pictures.

Star Wars Sushi!

Just to balance that out, here's a Topless Robot article talking about issue one of Starlog, the Star Trek magazine which one of the very early sci-fi magazines. The most important part of the article is the link to the complete backlock of old Starlogs on the Internet Archive. Not that i'm that interested in reading old issues of Starlog, but it's cool that it exists. (Rather than having to do something like check PirateBay if one wanted old issues of Dragon Magazine or Nintendo Power *cough*)

Okay, hopefully that's enough fun stuff :)
Games: FF Crystal

Friday Evening Poll

Last weekend i picked up a couple new games from Steam, i started with Leviathan Warships, but most of the rest were of the RPG variety. One of them was "Sword of the Stars: The Pit" a SF rougelike set in the same universe as the "Sword of the Stars" 4x game (which i have not played at all.) I played a little bit of Leviathan Warships, which is decent for a turn based strategy game, though the UI for shipbuilding needs some work, and then got sucked into The Pit. I died once on Easy, then finished my second attempt on Easy last night. I'm considering starting another game on Normal.

Then Steam started the whole collecting cards thing (well, i don't know when it started, but i only heard about it this week.) You can get random drops of cards while you're playing certain games. I've looked at the list of games i own which have card drops, and high on the list is Defender's Quest, the RPG/tower defense hybrid i played a lot of a couple months back.

Then jmpava told me about the Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Challenge thing. I guess it started a month or so ago, but apparently it's still going on. This one has the bonus that i can play it on my tablet, so i can take the game with me outside the house, not that i've been doing that much portable gaming lately. Oh, i might as well include a link to the challenge: http://fourjobfiesta.com/

So i've got some time to kill tonight, what should i be doing?

Poll #1921449 What Game Should I Play Tonight?

What's a good idea?

#1 Start a new game of The Pit on Normal
#2 Play Defender's Quest to get some Steam cards
#3 Try the FF5 Four Job challenge
#4 Start Defender's Quest on my computer and leave it running to see if i can get card drops while actually playing FF5
#5 You should be doing something else with your friday besides gaming!
#6 Like writing more LJ polls!
#7 Or sleeping!
#8 No, I've got a better idea!
#9 Checky box!

This is the better idea!

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