June 20th, 2013

Pirate Kitty

Princess Bride in the Cemetery

So there's this company called Cinespia. During the summer they set up weekly showings of older movies. In a cemetery. The "Hollywood Forever" cemetery to be exact.

The first i heard of it was a couple weeks ago when Avalyn mentioned someone she knew (her sister? Someone else?) was going to one of the showings. Then a week or two later she told me that they were doing Princess Bride and was i interested in going with her and her sister and some friends? So i said sure. The usual plan for this place apparently is to pack a picnic, get there early, and eat while waiting for it to get dark enough for the movie to start.

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All and all this totaled up a rather large pile of stuff. We drove over to the cemetery and they dropped Avalyn and i off with all the stuff so they could go part the car at a nearby lot. It took a minute or two to quickly transfer all the stuff out of the back of the car to the grass near the line and once that was done and they left there was too much for Avalyn and i to move on our own.

And yeah, the line. The huge line. I later estimated that there were 11 rows in the line serpentining back and forth, and in each row there were at least 50 people, probably more like 70-80, and possibly more. And like us most of them had brought a bunch of picnic stuff. We got there around 5:45 and at least six or seven of the rows were already full. Avalyn and i stood around people watching while we waited. There was an official for the event who was dressed up as Wesley and/or the Dread Pirate Roberts. And there were a couple people in red/white/blue Obama/Che hope/change/revolution style shirts, except they were Inigo Montoya "Prepare to die" shirts.

When Avalyn's sister and friend got back from parking (which took a fair while) we moved everything over right next to the line, and then contemplated what to do. There were some more friends we were supposed to be meeting there who supposedly already had a spot in line, but some of us were reluctant to try carting our pile of stuff over the heads of everyone who was already in line. However when we located the two friends they cast their vote with the "let's do it!" contingent, and they helped us carefully transport everything to their spot.

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Finally at 9:00 they started the movie. Not much to say about that, it was the Princess Bride, and thus awesome. There was a lot of cheering and laughing at appropriate moments, so Cinespia is not really the place to go if you want absolute quiet for your movies, but it was good communal fun.

Afterward we spent a little while packing up all the stuff. Thankfully there were a lot of well distributed trash bags to but all the garbage in, so we didn't need to worry about packing that stuff out. It was definitely easier afterward, there was still a lot of stuff, but at least a lot of the bags and baskets weighed a fair bit less.

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So we finished walking the block or two to the garage, spent a couple minutes figuring out which items belonged in which of the two cars, said goodbye, and headed off.

I'd definitely be interested in doing it again sometime if they did another good movie, however looking at the online schedule i don't see anything upcoming in the near future that's really my cup of tea. Though sadly it seems we missed a showing of Blade Runner a couple months ago.

Small Doctor Update

Actually my orthopedist is rather tall. Er, anyways, went in to see him for the two week post-getting the bandage off appointment.

He still think it's looks like it's going well, and he's put in a referral for some physical therapy. They put in two request, one for the hand specialists he thinks i ought to see, and one for the generic people he thinks the insurance company is more likely to approve.

I'm supposed to be taking the brace off around home and the office now but still wear it when out and about. He also said i could let the outer layer of glue stuff peel off now instead of continuing to reinforce it with liquid bandage like i've been doing. So of course i had it scratched and scraped and peeled off within another hour. And now i can see the _real_ damage that has been wrought upon my wrist =P Perhaps i shall take a picture of that too at some point.
Games: PC: Red Alert 2

Thursday Buy Stuff

So GOG has started it's summer sale ("500+ games 50% off") and Steam is doing a weekend special on Paradox games, which means a _lot_ of strategy games.

So while looking through all the options, i stumbled across this trailer, which is the best thing evar.


And then they released this sequel trailer. (It's a sequel to the first trailer, not a trailer for the sequel =P)


(Though the awesome narrator laments that it's never as special as the first time=)

Given the $10 price ($7.50 on sale actually) and the 72 metacritic rating, i may pick it up just because the trailers are so great :)