June 17th, 2013

Cons: BayCon 2008

BayCon 2013

So it's a couple weeks late, but here's my post about my adventures at BayCon, or at least as best as i've been able to scrape together from my progressively degenerating memory since the event.

I originally intended to leave for BayCon around 2 or 3 am. But then i decided i should do laundry first and was planning to leave around 4 am, but then as usual i ran a little late and left around 5. Hit Del Taco first thing and was on the road at 5:15. I didn't really feel like stopping at any point so i made it to BayCon right around 10:15.

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I slept until around 8, packed up and checked out around 9, and left about 9:30. Well, i stopped and got gas and a (disappointing) breakfast at Taco Bell. (Stupid SF with its no Del Tacos!)

I actually ended up driving down rather slow because i made plans with Avalyn to meet up at her place at 4pm, and if i'd driven down at my usual rate i'd have gotten there too early. So i tried to keep it to a _relatively_ sedate pace. I ended up maintaining about a 50mpg average overall, even with the trip over the pass, and still got to her place just after 3:30.
Steampunk girl with backpack

Oh yeah! I forgot!

And in other news, guess who was able to put his left bracelet back on all by himself this morning!

I decided i should give that a try when i realized that i am now able to squeeze a shampoo bottle with my right hand. All shall tremble in awe before the power of my fully armed and operational opposable thumb! :)