April 11th, 2013

Boardgames: Acquire - Large

Boardgames: BSG, Shadows Over Camelot, Small World, and Ticket to Ride

For the fourth time in a row when playing a game with traitors (Battlestar Galactica and Shadows Over Camelot in this case) i was one of the traitors.

The first time i was the second Cylon in BSG, and i _think_ we lost that one. The last three times i was the first or only traitor, and won all three times, generally by a pretty wide margin. In all three of those i managed to remain hidden until the time of my choosing, though in the two BSG games i did reveal pretty early, which seems to be a fairly good strategy.

I guess i'm a good bad guy? :)

One thing i'm not so good at, and also got the chance to demonstrate recently, is making plans and then following through on them. I played a game of Ticket to Ride last week in which i was one of only two experienced players in the group, and came in second to last =P I thought i was doing pretty good, until we got to the end and i realized that i'd completely forgotten to finish one of the tasks i'd laid out for myself.

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I also played a couple more games of Small World relatively recently. Came in last in both of them =P Not through forgetting any particular steps in a plan, mostly just from poor choices and strategies i guess.

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