March 27th, 2013

Anime: Ukyo

Anime: Twelve Kingdoms

Okay, i'm only about halfway through with Twelve Kingdoms (26ish out of 45 episodes) and so far i have to say i really like it, but the Kirin seem pretty fucking useless =P

Spoilers below, but mostly just about the cosmology of the Twelve Kingdoms world.

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I realize given that the fantasy world is a closed system if the kirin always did a good job of picking rulers the show would be seriously lacking in drama. (The Heralds of Valdemar and other series where the magical official choosers actually do a _good_ job function because there's always an outside threat.) But from an in world perspective the kirin don't seem to be much more than a fancy combination of a bodyguard and a barometer for the mental health of a ruler.

You know, i wonder if anyone has made a "You had ONE job" pic for the Twelve Kingdom Kirin yet?
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I decided to make some of my super secret recipe cup of noodles tonight. In order to do that though first i had to clean one of the bowls to put it in, and then got carried away and cleaned up some other dishes in the sink. Then while getting the ingredients out of the fridge i managed to knock over a bottle of toasted sesame oil, which somehow didn't have the lid on all the way. (I don't know how that's possible. I'm not sure if it's even been used since it was moved here, and it certainly didn't explode all over the place then.)

Unfortunately i did not notice this until a little later when i went "huh, why is there a pool of brownish stuff in front of the fridge." Then i opened the fridge and there was a brownish puddle around the case of diet A&W in the fridge, and i thought "huh, that's really weird, i guess one of the cans somehow spontaneously burst?" Except it seemed a bit thicker than pop, and then i touched it and went "what the hell is that?" Of course it didn't take me that much longer to find the now empty bottle lying on its side in the top refrigerator door shelf.

So i spent a lot of time cleaning up oil and throwing out some things that probably ought to have been thrown out awhile ago. On the plus side, between that, the dishes, and cleaning up for visitors last week the apartment is currently the cleanest it's been in a long time. (Note, "cleanest", not "clean". The kitchen in particular would need a lot of work. Such as the potato that's been sitting on the counter for over a year.) I suppose if i want to keep it that way i ought to have friends come over more often, particularly cute female friends, speaking strictly from a motivational perspective. Of course that would require actually making some friends who would be local enough to come over on a regular basis =P