December 5th, 2012



Wow, late november and december are really busy. Of course it doesn't help that i've joined two new gaming groups recently. As a result of that i've played board/card games four times in the last eight days. Although one of those was just one game of Flux at a holiday party. Plus Wumpskate starting up again. And i had to spend time taking my cat to and from the vet so she could finally get her hyperthyroid treatment. (Dropped her off at the treatment place sunday, don't get her back till friday, so maybe it's a good thing there's stuff going on most evenings to distract me.) And work has been slightly busier than usual for the last week or so. I _was_ going to go to the gym tonight, but i had to stay somewhat late at work instead. I guess it's good to have a somewhat free night though. Although i probably ought to go to bed early since i'm still behind on sleep because of Wumpskate =P

Also, raspberry brown ale is much better than raspberry wheat beer!

Also also, apparently one large beer (1 pt, 6 oz) is enough to get me rather tipsy. Which may account for my giving in to the desire to post something when i don't really have anything interesting to post about.
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