December 3rd, 2012

Replicants (BGC)

Nexus One vs Nexus 4

I really love my Nexus One. It's a great phone. But it's getting rather long in the tooth. It's almost three years old at this point.

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In any case, it seems like i've got a couple options.

1: Get the 16 GB Nexus 4 and live with restricted space for the next year or two.

2: Get a Galaxy S3. It's just as oversized as the Nexus 4, but it comes in 16 and 32 GB options, and has a micro SD slot that can add up to 64 GB more. Last i checked though the US version only has dual core, not quad core, and i'd have to root it and install Cyanogen if i wanted to be sure of regular updates.

3: Wait for the Galaxy S4. The rumors are that it will come out in April or May and have a quad core (hopefully for the US as well) and it will probably have a micro SD slot as well. Of course i'd have to root it and install Cyanogen.

4: Wait to see if a new version of the Nexus 4 will be released with 32 GB of space. The Nexus 7 had the exact same issues (i was willing to compromise in that case because i didn't already have a tablet) and they eventually capitulated on that one and came out with a 32 GB version.

5: Start checking new and upcoming HTC and Motorola phones to see if they come out with anything comparable to the Nexus 4 (but with micro SD) or the theoretical Galaxy S4. Of course i'd have to root it and install Cyanogen.

I really wish there was a company that did some kind of "design your own shell" thing. I'd love to have something with the main hardware of the Nexus 4, a trackball like the Nexus One, a slide out gamepad like the Xperia Play, and external hard fast-forward, pause/play and rewind buttons like not any phone i know of.