December 1st, 2012

Games: Consoles (Nintendo)

Last Nintendo Power Issue

I think i mentioned something when the end of Nintendo Power was announced awhile back. Well the last issue just came out, and i'm feeling kind of sad all over again, especially given the last cover.

I don't even remember how one found out about such things back in pre-internet days, but was there from the first issue. I still have it lying around somewhere and remember it quite well. I remained pretty dedicated for about six years, until i headed off to college. I was a sporadic reader for the next four years i think, and finally let the subscription lapse sometime around the time i graduated. I'm not even quite sure when at this point, though i could probably dig up the old magazines somewhere and check. That's not exactly a huge timespan. Arguably i was a real fan of the magazine for just under a quarter of it's entire existence. But six years when you're a kid is a huge chunk of your life.

Obviously my declining interest in Nintendo Power (along with the only other magazine i subscribed to, Dragon) followed my uptake of the internet. A pattern that clearly mirrors the issues facing the publishing industry.

In retrospect i'm wishing there was an electronic version i could have subscribed to during the late N64 and GameCube days, Though like many "hardcore" gamers I'm not sure if there were enough "real" games during the Wii era to make a subscription worthwhile, even only in e-form.

But in any case, it's sad to see it go.
Exercise - MLP

More about Vibram

So i decided i should actually go around and see about actually trying on a pair of Vibrams before deciding between them and Merrell, and between getting a slightly larger size or getting a slightly smaller size and stretching the toe.

If i'm measuring myself right, i should be either a 41 or a 42, or possibly a 40 if i want to go by the big toe and then try to stretch the second toes.

So i went by the local farmer's market to get some food truck brunch (though the truck i really liked either canceled or left early) and then went by both REI and Sports Chalet.

REI had the style i wanted, though not in colors i really wanted, on clearance for $45-$55. Unfortunately they'd been on clearance for awhile, so they were out of everything under size 45, so i didn't have to decided if i was willing to get non-preferred color and save $40 or so.

Sports Chalet had a good color for $90 and a really ugly color for $50ish. They did have size 42, but not 41. I tried out the 42. They felt fine, however it seemed like there was still room left in all the toes. In theory, your longest toe is supposed to be just touching the end. So i guess i'll wait around awhile for them to get a 41 in stock so i can try that out, then decide what to do.