November 28th, 2012

Exercise - MLP

Shoes and exercise

Went to the gym this evening. I've been going the cross-trainer thing in my climbing shoes, because usually the alternative is birkenstocks, which don't really seem like appropriate general exercise footwear either. The problem with the climbing shoes is my toes end up way too cramped and smooshed and sore by the end.

This time i decided to try it barefoot, even though going around barefoot in a gym seems kinda blech. My toes felt a lot better that way. However i did develop a blister. On my thumb. Yeah, i dunno either.

But in any case, does anyone have any good recommendations for how to find a decent pair of walking/jogging/running/whatever shoes for a decent price? Since i'm not planning on running any marathons or anything should i just go by Payless and grab any cheap pair of sneakers i see? Or is there a better way to go about it?