September 15th, 2012



Thank the gods, my rollerblades are finally back in once piece! Well, two pieces. You know what i mean.

I'd been thinking the last couple times i went rollerblading that the wheels were getting pretty worn, and perhaps it was time i should rotate them. So last week i finally brought them into the apartment, and then just left them there for awhile.

But this week is the warm week, and i really want to go out rollerblading while it's still warm, so i decided i was definitely going to take care of that tonight so i could go rollerblading late tomorrow morning.

I did a little research online and the first recommended lubricant i could find for bearings was something called "Tri Flow." A little more research revealed that there's a bike shop around the corner from me that has it, so i stopped by there on the way home and got two bottles, one "drip" bottle and one aerosol bottle.

I got home, grabbed my toolbox, laid out some paper towels on the kitchen floor, and started unscrewing wheels. Pretty quickly i was reminded that my rollerblades are very dirty, and i was at risk of getting gunk all over my clothes, so i stripped down to underwear. The first wheel came off pretty easy. Then for the second wheel the screw came out easy but the bolt refused to slide out. I looked in my toolbox for the hammer, and it wasn't there.

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After that it was mostly a simple matter of adding another couple drops of oil to each bearing, fitting them and the spanners into the wheels (i did manage to drop and lose one of the spanners for awhile, but eventually found it again) then putting the wheels into the rollerblades and rebolting them (which required a little bit of pounding for some of them.) So now i have a pair of rollerblades with rotated wheels and cleaned bearings. And it only took me from 7:30 or 8 to about 11 =P I believe when i'd originally contemplated the issue i imagined it taking 30-60 min.

And no, i have no idea why i felt compelled to spend so much time writing this up when there are so many more interesting posts i could have been working on.