August 30th, 2012


Suck It Up

So my stomach actually looks moderately okay now... _if_ i concentrate on sucking it in. There's some pudge, but not zomg huge amounts of pudge. As soon as i stop thinking about sucking it in though... it's back to zomg huge amounts of pudge.

Which brings to mind the cartoons i used to watch as a kid, where a guy would suck in his gut when a cute girl walked by, then start turning blue, then let it back out again with a gasp of air once she was gone, which always made it seem like sucking in your stomach was "cheating."

If one becomes "fit enough" does your stomach end up looking okay without having to actively suck it in? Or have really fit people reached the point where they're just unconsciously sucking it in all the time?

I guess the question resolves to, is it "cheating" to suck in your gut? Or is it only "cheating" if you stop sucking it in when no one is looking?