August 23rd, 2012



As long as i'm posting stuff, who the hell names their food truck "Slap Yo Mama"? They showed up at the lunch food trucks in LB yesterday and it looked like they might have had some interesting food, but i just couldn't get over the name. I realize it's supposed to be some kind of Southern slang or something, but i just don't feel comfortably buying stuff from someone that's trivializing violence against women, even in "jest."

(Note that i generally don't have a problem with trivializing violence for the sake of a joke in general, it's just the fact that it's specifically targeted at women that bothers me for some reason.)
Exercise - MLP

Blech, i mean Weight

Forgot to post last week, so here's two weeks, under a cut

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As usual, the spreadsheet is here, and if anything it looks even more depressing than the straight numbers. Especially if you just look at the two week graphs.

So after deciding my weight change had come to a standstill and therefore i should exercise more, my weight change remained at a standstill. And my fat numbers are staying pretty steady too, so i can't even claim i'm replacing fat with muscle. Stupid body!

There's a slight downtick for today, which could be hopeful, but there were slight downticks on other days that didn't last, so i'll just have to wait and see.