August 21st, 2012

Sad Kitty

Damn it!

What is someone else doing in this part of the office at 6:15 in the morning? You guys aren't supposed to be showing up until 7ish! I want my music time! *cries*
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Lime Truck

Good Day

Today was a pretty good day. I got into work early, skipped breakfast and lunch, didn't actually start getting hungry till i was about ready to leave a little early and head to beach to enjoy the last day over 80 degrees that we're expected to have for a while.

Some observations from while i was rollerblading, both about the Zombies Run app and about the world in general.

This time when the zombies came i tried going to "full speed" right away. It _still_ had two iterations of them getting closer before finally evading them on the third/fourth announcement. I wonder if it's waiting until it's sure about my new average speed? Or if the distance is kind of like HP, maybe they're counting down from the initial 100 meters at a constant rate and they get evaded at the point where you've traveled 1.2 (or is it 1.25?) times as far as your average speed in the unit time. Presumably you "die" if the zombie distance gets to zero before you accomplish that.

I wish there was a way to skip songs. I can kind of understand why the don't allow that since the music acts as the break between mission segments and if you kept skipping tracks you could delay the mission forever, but perhaps they could have a "skip track" button that is only unlocked for the first 10-15 seconds of the song? I also wish there was a "go back" or "repeat" button available for the same time period in case you really liked the song from the previous segment and wanted to do it again. Of course all that might cause difficulties with the nifty info maps they post on the website.

If you are a parent and you keep your kid on a leash, please do not cross the path at the beach, the one commonly used by runners, skaters and bikers, unless you're sure your kid is actually following you. I'm not sure it would have counted as getting clotheslined since the line was actually at about knee level, but still.

I think a cute girl may actually have been looking at me. Unfortunately in the very brief period before i passed her i couldn't tell if she was looking in interest, in disgust, or in my imagination.

I decided to cut the excursion short by a couple miles because it was getting cool and windy and i wanted to make it to food trucks before it got too late. So i only went a little over 10 miles and burned about 500 calories.

I was glad i'd been saving calories all day because BaconMania was at OC DinDinAGoGo. I hadn't seen them around in, well, at least six months, probably more. I got a bacon cheese sandwich and "piggy fries" form them, and a drink and a "peach brulee" from the Lime Truck. All together it was probably over my theoretical 1800 calories for the day, but hopefully having just done some rollerblading made up for enough of it. I ended up feeling almost tipsy from all the yummy food, it was very nice.