August 19th, 2012



Went home from work early friday so i could take advantage of the 80+ degree weather and go rollerblading.

Remember how last time i was trying ro guess why Zombies Run! decided to give me three pairs of pants? Well this time it gave me three sports bras. Perhaps i should stop trying to analyze the motives of the Random Number God?

For the first half i was doing a "regular" mission with zombies chasing me. I noticed that getting away from the zombies seemed a little weird. They'd usually show up about 100m away, and i'd try to speed up a little bit. Then 10-15 seconds later they'd be about 75m away and i'd try to speed up a little more. Then 10-15 seconds later they'd be 50m away and i'd try to speed up a lot, and then 10-15 seconds later i'd be told i evaded them. It's a little weird that they're getting closer and closer and then they're just gone, without any intermediate "they're a little farther away this time" updates. If i just speed up to the max after the first warning will i evade them at the very next update?

For the second half i decided i didn't want to have to deal with zombie chases, so i quit the mission and started up again. There was a small problem however in that there doesn't seem to be a way to start with the gay DJs' radio show. I had to start a new mission and get through that before i got back to the radio show.

But anyways, here's the first mission:

And here's the second:

According to CalorieTrainer i went a grand total of 12.9 miles and burned 1132 calories.

Saturday i decided to walk to a nearby deli that supposedly had Cuban sandwiches (i blame coraa for this decision ;) The sandwich was reasonably good, but not in the same league as the excellent ones that the Lime Truck used to make. On the way back i stopped by GameStop at the mall and picked up the copy of "Last Story" that i'd pre-ordered (and is now sitting on top of my pile of shame =P)

I ended up walking a total of about 5.5 miles and burning about 559 calories. But then i "made up for it" by eating too much stuff for dinner =P