July 17th, 2012



I woke up today about the same time i went to sleep yesterday. That seems like it ought to be significant except as far as i can tell it's not really, aside from showing that i obviously had a very short day yesterday.

(Well, and given that the set of people who consider 3:30 am an equally valid time both for going to bed and getting up is probably rather small it also shows that i'm a bit weird, but we all knew that already, right? :)
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I seem to have made my back go sproing. How did i do this you may ask? By reaching into a Del Taco bag for a taco.

...okay, i know that sounds really stupid, but that's what i was doing at the time. I have no idea. Maybe i set myself up for it by doing too much climbing and dancing on sunday? But everything seemed fine yesterday, so i really dunno.

It seems to have been a relatively minor sproing though. I don't have any trouble moving around, it's just generally sore. So hopefully it will get better soon.


Shell is apparently trying to do a crowd-sourced project to generate ads for their "let's go drill in the arctic" ad campaign. They provide pictures of various arctic scenery and wildlife, you provide the slogan, and everyone votes for their favorite.

The internet has of course stepped up in exemplary fashion. Perhaps not the kind of example Shell wanted, but still truly exemplary.

Go check out http://arcticready.com/social/gallery to see the current favorites, and i sure hope someone is saving all of these because i don't think Shell will be providing that service for us :)

Edit: Hmmm, looks like it might actually be a sneaky campaign by Greenpeace, but if so, excellently done! Even the "serious" "official" ones (http://arcticready.com/arctic) manage to be just serious enough to be almost believable.