July 15th, 2012


Magical appearing disappearing clothing

The last time i did laundry i was kind of surprised to discover that i had three pairs of black shorts. For some reason i thought i'd had only two, but when i found the third pair i was like, "oh, i'd forgotten about these ones."

Today when i did laundry i could only find two pairs of black shorts =P I'm now wondering if i entirely hallucinated the third pair, or if they're just hiding somewhere. Of course it's not the only piece of clothing that's managed to go missing. I really ought to reorganize the closets and drawers in the bedroom and sort through every piece of clothing i have to get it all straightened out.

Oh, and in other news, i managed to get down to 24.9% fat and 26.9 BMI this morning! *bounce*

Have your (cheese)cake and dance it off too

I have eaten cheesecake. Now i have to go to Malediction. Or at least that was the condition doctorskuld told me when i mentioned at rock climbing that i'd bought cheesecake and cookies and frosting when i went shopping yesterday. She also opposed the idea of me eating ALL the cheesecake and cookies and frosting for dinner. Bah! But i was good and went to Daphne's for dinner at the mall (along with stopping by REI to pick up some more climbing gear) and only had _some_ cheesecake and frosting afterward.

But anyways, off to Malediction now, to burn off what i just ate! :)