June 14th, 2012



It's time once again for a weight post! :)

I've decided to start distrusting my scale. My numbers were being _waaaay_ too consistent given how much everyone talks about your weight changing on a daily basis. I think perhaps the scale isn't fully accurate down to a tenth of a pound, and thus to compensate if your weight falls within a certain range of your last measurement (0.2-0.5 lbs perhaps?) it just defaults to the previous measurement. For most of this week if i get the same measurement as the day before i reweigh myself while holding something heavy, then re-reweigh myself normally, and each time the third measurement has been different from the first.

I've continued to update the spreadsheet, and beth_leonard showed me how to make dual axe wielding dual-axis charts, so i've got one showing my weight and fat weight, one showing my trend and fat trend, and one that crams all four lines together in a single chart. (You have to scroll a little to the right to see them.)

But here's just the numbers for the last week:

06-07: 194.3 lbs - 51.0 lbs fat - 26.3% fat - 28.1 BMI
06-08: 193.3 lbs - 50.6 lbs fat - 26.2% fat - 27.9 BMI
06-09: 193.3 lbs - 50.6 lbs fat - 26.2% fat - 27.9 BMI
06-10: 193.1 lbs - 50.3 lbs fat - 26.1% fat - 27.9 BMI
06-11: 193.5 lbs - 50.8 lbs fat - 26.3% fat - 28.0 BMI
06-12: 191.6 lbs - 49.5 lbs fat - 25.9% fat - 27.7 BMI
06-13: 191.8 lbs - 49.6 lbs fat - 25.9% fat - 27.7 BMI
06-14: 193.6 lbs - 50.6 lbs fat - 26.2% fat - 28.0 BMI

The dip on tuesday might have been just because i was extra-dehydrated from Wumpskate, but if so i'm not sure why it took two days to recover from it.

Brave trip

So far, thumbie, shamiksan and doctorskuld have expressed interest in seeing Brave next week. That makes two of us in OC and two in South Bay, so i guess we get to arm wrestle about locations? :) Is there any one else in the area(s) who wants to get in on a potential group outing?

I believe doctorskuld mentioned the possibility of doing a midnight showing? Which is something i'd be fine with but i don't know about anyone else.

So that's all that's been figured out as far as i know, so everyone else... 3, 2, 1, Fight?