May 31st, 2012



I got seven hours of sleep last night but still spent two more hours hitting snooze this morning =P The periods between snooze alarms were interspersed with dreams about being late for school (with a small mix of being behind on all my classes thrown in for good measure.) Gee, i wonder what prompted that?

And as long as i'm here, here are a couple twitter things from the past few days. (Whenever some event promotes me to use twitter a lot i always try to keep it up for awhile afterwards. We'll see how long it lasts this time.)

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Diet thing

So this morning i weighed 195.0, almost the exact same as i weighed last week, and the week before that. I'm totally not making any progress on this thing =P

I'm also totally failing left and right at week 5 of the push-up thing. I moved on to day 2 after failing day 1 twice, and it seemed a little easier, but i still failed. I guess i'll just keep repeating it until i manage to finish it?

Speaking of exercise though, hey doctorskuld! Now that you're done with your trip and i'm done with my trip, want to do rock climbing again on sunday? :)