May 4th, 2012

Caffeine: Dune

Sleep and food

So at least it seems i can still get up early if i make sure to get only about three hours of sleep or less. (Six or seven hours of sleep is okay, two or three hours of sleep is okay, but anything in between seems to suck.) I went to sleep around 12:30 last night and woke up reasonably well awake at 3:30. Where by reasonably well awake i mean i felt perfectly well awake when my alarm went off, and thus spent "only" about 45 minutes hitting snooze =P Of course i forgot to factor in the time necessary to do push-ups when figuring out my schedule, so i still got into work slightly later than i wanted.

Also, i'd forgotten how damn cheap Del Taco is if all you get is regular tacos, burritos and a drink. I'd been planning on having a couple small tacos and burritos for breakfast, two hot dogs for lunch, and maybe some yoghurt for dinner. However it turns out that someone brought in doughnuts, so now i think i may have to skip lunch if i want to have anything to eat for dinner =P

Friday Fun Stuff

Today is May the 4th, but i'm not going to post any Star Wars stuff. (Okay, in large part because i haven't seen anything cool yet, though i haven't really looked yet either.)

marthawells has put together a pretty cool list of books by female authors which are set in non-European/Western settings. The list itself is cool, but she's also written an interesting post called "Erasing Women" about why she thinks such things are important.

On a lighter note, about a month ago Lindsey Stirling put out a cool new geeky violin musical medley video thing, this time based on Skyrim. A little before that she also put out a dubstep violin video titled "Crystalize". Not being up on fancy new musical terms i'm not exactly sure what dubstep is, but to me it sounded like a violin/techno mashup.

Also, on G+ i just linked the awesome "Game of American Thrones" image/meme, if you like Game of Thrones and laughing, and don't mind making fun of politicians, you should definitely check it out :)