April 20th, 2012

Games: Terraria: Terra

Kickstarter things (mostly games)

I've been looking into that Kickstarter thing lately, especially for games after all the foofaraw about the Double Fine adventure game that got funded that way.

So far i've contributed to Wasteland 2, an old style post-apocalypse tactical RPG, and "Tales of the Emerald Serpent", a shared world anthology novel by several authors, including marthawells and Lynn Flewelling. Both of those have been successfully funded.

I also just contributed to The Banner Saga, a console style turn based tactics RPG with a Viking theme. That project currently has 8 hours left to go, and if they can get another $23,000 they're going to try to add player owned upgradeable cities, something i'm really hoping they manage. So if a Viking themed turn-based tactics game on PC sounds like something you might want to contribute to as well, have at it :)

I'm also considering contributing to Wollstonecraft, a series of young adult books. To quote the page: "This is the made up story about two very real girls – Ada, the world's first computer programmer, and Mary, the world's first science fiction author – caught up in a steampunk world of hot-air balloons and steam engines, jewel thieves and mechanical contraptions. For readers 8-12. This is a pro-math, pro-science, pro-history and pro-literature adventure novel for and about girls, who use their education to solve problems and catch a jewel thief."
Steampunk girl with backpack

RenFaire on Saturday

Some of shelleycat's friends have convinced me to go to the RenFaire with them on saturday. They said i should check with my other friends to see if there was anyone else who felt like going, so is there anyone else who feels like going to the RenFaire tomorrow? We're planning on getting there between 10-11, though i'm not sure exactly how long we'll stay.

More shelleycat reminiscences

shelleycat joined LJ in early 2008, about six months after we started dating, because i kept telling her that i posted all the interesting updates in my life there. She posted very intermittently for the next two years. Unfortunately most of my friends had kind of drifted away from LJ by that point, and she didn't go out and look for any new friends of her own on there. It also didn't help that sometime between 2010 and 2011 she kinda stopped using the internet much. Of course it also didn't help that i started posting less and less often the more time we spent together.

I've been looking back over her old posts, and found a couple that were especially touching to me.

One about how she appreciated my sense of humor. I've already said how wonderful her sense of humor was, i'd totally forgotten that she had said something similar about me at one point.

One about one of her favorite anime. Including a link to an AMV about it. Not an especially good AMV, but it made me happy that she was doing out of her own interest and it wasn't just me foisting AMVs off on her.

One about some of her favorite video games at the time.

One about me showing some of my favorite anime to her.

And one about how nice it was to be living together in our own place.


Oh, and just to try and awkwardly crowbar in some Friday Fun Stuff,

Here's a post she made linking to a fun Lego Eddie Izzard "Death Star Canteen" video.