April 3rd, 2012


And now for something (almost) completely different

For some reason i haven't felt emotionally up to watching tv or playing much in the way of games, but i'm just fine with reading. Maybe it's because i read a lot as a kid/teen when i was feeling depressed (though i obviously played plenty of games back then too.) Or maybe it's because playing games (sometimes) and watching TV (almost always) were things i did with shelleycat, while reading was something i would just do next to shelleycat. Or maybe it's because i seem to be picking up books with decent amounts of tragedy in them, and my brain figures wallowing in depressing books is an acceptable activity when i'm depressed.

I just finished seanan_mcguire's "Late Eclipses". I love her books, including the Mira Grant ones, but she seems to be trying to understudy for Joss Whedon. Almost every books she writes has at _least_ one character you care about get killed off in it, and sometimes a lot more than one. I won't say if Late Eclipses is on the low end or the high end of the spectrum, but it is not an exception. I started reading it sometime last week, but i got through about 90% of it sunday and monday. I feel like perhaps i ought to go reread the older ones since it seemed like i'd forgotten a couple of plot points and hints and omens, but who has time to reread the old books when she writes three or four new ones a year? =P

I also finished up "Mockingjay." As already mentioned i was about halfway through it last monday, and i believe i finished it up friday morning. I know some people have been unhappy with it and i can understand why. However i thought it was depressingly reasonable and realistic, though maybe that was just due to the mood in which i was reading it.

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So anyways, it's time to pick a new book to read. Perhaps i'll go with the new Honor Harrington. That should be nice light fun reading with absolutely no one dying or any other kind of tragedy =P

Meanwhile on Audible i'm listening to Heinlein and Spider Robinson's Variable Star, so at least i'm reading one fairly light hearted thing. So far it definitely seems like a strange and interesting mix of Heinlein and... not.