March 24th, 2012


The New X-Com

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There's a (rather old by this point) trailer/developer interview about the _new_ X-Com game.

Well, it certainly looks a lot better than the FPS game that they announced first. It'll be interesting to see how the sales of the two games do against each other.

The fact that the video tags are categorizing it as an RTS disturbs me. Of course then they talk about it being a turn based game, so now i'm just slightly confused.

The fact that they're "simplifying" the time units also disturbs me. I really didn't mind the time management "taking up space in my head," because it was one of the fun parts =P

"The other big thing we did is we added cover to the game." Dude, the original X-Com had cover. I'm sure you think that you've improved the system and made it more "exciting" or "dynamic" or something, but don't pretend like this is a new thing.

I hope there's a way to turn off the "glam cam" when i got bored with it. It looks like it may be interesting the first couple times but then get really old when you get deeper into the game. Kinda like the animations in Disgaea :) Or the same thing in Fallout 3 whenever you got a kill shot. (Admittedly i never played the game, but i got tired of the sequences really quickly just from watching the trailers.)

I'm really struggling to figure out how switching from a 2D top down view for base design to an "ant farm" 2D side view made things much simpler, but whatever. I do hope that they've expanded what you can do in the base a lot, since from what i've heard from other sources you only get one base in the game now.