December 10th, 2011

Anime: Ukyo


I finally got around to stopping by BevMo and picking up a bottle of Jameson whiskey, and made a glass of johnny jump up! :)

It tastes pretty interesting, not really better than regular cider (though Magner's not really my favorite cider to begin with) but certainly a bit different. I'll have to try it again with Hornsby's sweeter cider makes any difference.

I still want to try one of the "hardcore" ciders that's fermented to 40 proof or something insane line that though.

Edit: Okay, a little searching has revealed two things. One, that i could just freeze distill a bottle of cider myself, and two, that such a beverage is often referred to as "applejack" and BevMo theoretically has some! I may have to investigate one or both possibilities :)
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