December 9th, 2011


Insights via Vorkosigan

I didn't realize it until i stopped to think about it, but it's kind of funny that i got about a third(?) of the way through "Mirror Dance" and thought something like "oh good, the hard part is over now." (For those keeping track, the exact point was the end of the Emperor's Birthday.)

Apparently i'm a lot happier with stories, or parts of stories, in which bad things happen to people because of their adversaries than i am with stories where bad things happen to people because they get themselves in trouble by doing something stupid.

It's not really that surprising though i guess, it ties into the same reason why i tend to dislike so many sitcoms. Watching people embarrass or humiliate themselves/each other makes me cringe more than laugh.

Of course that means that after getting through the "easy" last part of "Mirror Dance" i'll have the "hard" beginning of "Memory" to get through =P

Friday Fun Stuff

As usual most of the fun stuff i find these days is via Topless Robot. I really need to branch out more =P

First, a cute girl who is apparently pretty darn good at the violin put together an amazing Zelda music video, and if you follow through to her main YouTube page you can see a lot more awesome violin music videos, though the rest obviously aren't as geeky as the Zelda one :)

Second, someone put together a Star Wars Cello music video that is both funny and impressive.