November 29th, 2011


Diane Duane ebooks for cheap!

coraa tipped me off about a cool deal, for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Diane Duane's ebook store is offering 66% off on the complete Young Wizards series and 50% off on everything else. But wait! It's tuesday now, isn't the deal expired? Well i and apparently a lot of other people were not able to get the codes for the discounts to work yesterday, and it turns out they'd set their clock wrong, so the deal has been extended through wednesday.

On the downside the selection isn't great, aside from the Young Wizards series there's an omnibus of the first three "Tale of the Five"/"Door Into" books and a couple other books i haven't heard of before. Sadly the cat books are not part of the current catalog, i guess she couldn't retrieve rights to them or something?

But hey, on the plus side i just got ebooks of the complete Young Wizards series for $14, and the Tale of Five books along with three other books for $10 :)

(Oh yeah, the checkout/code system is a little wonky, the code entry is on the very last checkout page and you can only use one code per order, so if you want to use both codes you need to split the order up.)

Paul and Storm (and Wil Wheaton) concert

Paul and Storm are doing a concert this thursday, Dec 1, at 8 pm at the Largo, and Wil Wheaton is going to be joining them as a guest. shelleycat didn't think she would be up for it but i asked both my local friends at work and one of them is interested in going. Anyone else local interested? According to the Largo website there are still tickets available.

The current plan is to leave work around 5 or 5:30, which if we're not too unlucky with traffic will get us there around 6:30. We're planning to do dinner at the nearby Grand Lux Cafe if there's time beforehand.