November 26th, 2011

Beeda: Haruhi


My car has snow on it.

The empty lot that partially borders our apartment complex has turned into a christmas tree lot. I didn't realize it extended as far as it does though, when i was getting into my car this morning i noticed a bunch of christmas trees poking up above the wall bordering the parking lot. Frosted white christmas trees. Then when i got into my car i noticed the faint layer of white powder encrusted on my windshield =P Either a lot of the fake snow spray blows off in the wind, or they actually applied the spray in situ and the blowback blew over the wall =P
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Between ebooks i've bought (mostly from Baen,) ebooks i've gotten for free from Baen, and ebooks i've gotten for "free" for registering to vote for the Hugos (no, really, the books were totally free! The $50 was for the _registration_ =) i've got a little over 50 books to add to my new Nook Tablet :)

(And i'm so glad i discovered Calibre before i started trying to do all this by hand!)
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Steampunk girl with backpack


I just finished my third duct tape wallet!

This time i kept all the features of my second wallet, but with a much improved design. There's only two pieces of "external" tape, which hopefully will greatly reduce the amount of peeling, which is what eventually did in the second wallet. On the down side i made it a fair bit bigger than it really ought to have been, but i guess that's better than the inverse. Hopefully i can keep the good design but improve the sizing when i eventually have to make a fourth one. I wonder what the average lifespans of these things has been? I can't remember exactly when i made the first one, though i know it was in Redondo Beach. ...actually, upon checking past entries it appears that they're lasting almost exactly one year each.

I'm almost tempted to make a duct tape case for my Nook Tablet, but the failure mode of a duct tape wallet is getting sticky goo on your money and credit cards, which is pretty easily fixable. Not so sure i want to deal with sticky goo all over my tablet =P As usual though it doesn't seem like anyone makes a case that exactly fits my desires. It seems like there used to be a case almost exactly like what i want, a book like structure but made out of a soft material. Unfortunately they don't seem to make it anymore, and even when they did it was for the older version of the Nook so wouldn't fit mine right =P