August 4th, 2011


Silly kitty

Sometimes my cat gets needy for attention and will follow us around meowing. This morning was one of those times. She was following me around and meowing and meowing and meowing. And then i got in the shower... and she jumped in after me O_O I thought very briefly about just turning the shower on, but i'm too nice for that. So i petted her a bit, then waved my hand around outside the tub and she jumped out. So i stood up again... and she hopped back in. And then we repeated the whole thing another time.

Finally i just gave up, got out of the shower and gave her some wet food so she'd stay in the kitchen while i went back to the bathroom. Of course it's possible that that's all she wanted in the first place :)

Weekend of fail

So last weekend i made an attempt to get my rollerblades fixed. I did a couple searches and found a lot of places that claimed to deal with roller skates, but most of them were primarily skateboard shops, so i was a little dubious. However i did find one place that specialized in skates that was just about a block away. Since it's run by a local roller derby team they warned that you should call on saturdays since they might be away for an event. So i gave them a call and verified that they were in fact there. So i went over, only to discovered that they are _very_ specialized. They only do quad skates, not inline skates =P

The first person i was talking to didn't know of anyplace in particular that would be good for inline skates, but when she checked with the people in back and one of them suggested "The Rinks", which is some kind of hockey skate place which has a "pro shop" attached to it.

So since i was out doing stuff sunday morning i stopped by there to check them out. I wasn't sure if they'd actually be open, but i figured i could at least check the hours. The rink part was actually open but the pro shop wasn't. So i asked one of the rink people and they said the shop usually opened around 1pm on weekends and 2pm on weekdays, and they did indeed do repairs for inline skates. So later that afternoon i headed back. However when i went into the pro shop i was informed that they only do hockey/indoor skates =P

So apparently the choices are roller skate places that are so specific that they don't handle inline street skates, or so general that roller skates aren't even their main focus =P

So this weekend i need to look at the list of generic shops again and start calling them up. I think i need to put together some kind of checklist. Do you actually deal in inline skates? Do you do repairs? Of inline skates? Of inline street skates? Of K2 inline street skates? That have a busted "bolt" between the two plastic bits?

Even then i'm sure i'll manage to forget something and show up at one of the places to be told that they can't help me for some obscure reason =P
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Friday Fun Stuff - Book list meme

So NPR is doing a "vote for your favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy book" thing.

I apparently missed the nominations earlier, where they apparently got thousands of suggestions, but they've narrowed it down to "a few hundred," or more specifically 237 books and/or series. Now they want people to vote for their top ten favorites from that list, which they're going to use to construct a "top 100" list, presumably ranked, because otherwise the value of narrowing down the list by about 60% is kind of nominal.

Of course this presents the perfect opportunity for one of those "which of this stuff from this list have you read/seen/heard/done" type memes, and i don't see any reason to wait for the ordered list :)

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So there's a couple books that i'm not 100% sure if i've read or not, and if i spent longer thinking about it i'd probably end up moving a few more from "like" to "love," but overall it looks like the totals are

Loved: 20
Liked: 97
Disliked: 10
Own But Not Read: 7
Not Even Touched Yet: 103

So i've read at least parts of just over half of the books/series.

(And yes, i realize it isn't quite Friday yet (for us left coast types anyways) but i figured i might as well post this a little early so anyone else who felt like playing as well would have some time to do their own list. =)