June 29th, 2011


Schadenfreude at Pixar

I like Pixar. In general i like Pixar movies. However when they announced Cars i went "huh", and when i first saw the trailer i said "that looks dumb to me, i have no interest in seeing that." And nothing i heard after the movie was released convinced me to change my mind about it.

(Both Wall-E and Up shared the same initial "huh" reaction from me for their initial teasers, but both of those movies easily redeemed themselves with later promotional material and of course turned out to be excellent movies as well.)

If you go and check the Rotten Tomatoes score now you find that Cars has a 74% rating. That's technically a "good" movie by their scale, but it's a pretty damn poor for a Pixar movie. In every other case they've gotten above 90%. And on an even more prosaic note, it is also currently the lowest grossing movie of theirs since A Bug's Life.

For some reason though Pixar itself loves the franchise. Not only did they make _nine_ different shorts for it after the movie, but it's the only Pixar movie to get any sequels aside from Toy Story (which Pixar practically had to be arm-wrestled into by Disney if i remember correctly.) I have no idea why they're obsessed with what seems to be considered their "worst" movie by a large number of people.

So as someone who wasn't interested in the first movie, was kind of turned off even more by the numerous shorts i did see, and didn't understand why they wanted to do a sequel in the first place, the schadenfreude part of me was very happy to see this week that Cars 2 scored 33% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Let me restate that.


As in two thirds of the critics who saw it thought it was a bad movie. You know what other movie is coming out this week that is (so far) scoring higher than 33%? Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which is currently at 39%.

So by one metric of critical appreciation, Pixar managed to make a movie that was worse than a Bayformers movie.

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So since we're on the subject, apparently a new teaser/trailer for "Brave" just came out, so if you want to see it and start speculating, here it is:

Brave Trailer

Not much to go on there. It certainly looks pretty, but that's not really saying a lot given what we've come to expect from Pixar. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Different but the same

I found today's xkcd amusing, not least because a couple days ago catbird was asking about alternatives to LJ, and when i asked her about it she pretty much said she wanted something that was like LJ, but wasn't LJ :)

Of course in the case of LJ that would be Dreamwidth, and speaking of that, i've still done almost nothing with my DW account. One of these days i ought to get around to importing all my posts over. And what's that tool i see people using for crossposting to LJ and DW at the same time?

But anyways, i ought to check out the Google+ thing at some point, but after the experience i had with Buzz and my Google Profile i'm rather suspicious of their promises about privacy. I've actually got a number of gmail/google accounts now because Google pissed me off so much, but even if i use one of the alternates, if all my friends use profiles with their real names and i link to them then it would be pretty trivial for people to figure out what's going on.