June 10th, 2011


I probably don't talk to enough people

Aside from shelleycat i really don't socialize with that many people.

I talk to coraa, jmpava and neonelephant most days while at work. At home i occasionally chat with jmpava, neonelephant and balivatn. Outside of that there's maybe a half-dozen people that i'll exchange LJ comments with on an irregular basis or IM with every once in awhile. It certainly doesn't help that most people seem to have moved over to Facebook while i haven't really gotten into it.

(Just in case anyone is feeling dissed, note that this isn't cause i don't want to talk to people, it's just a matter of not being very aggressive about such things combined with an attitude of "well if they actually wanted to talk then they'd say something to me." (And yes, i realize the problem inherent in that statement =P))

I don't even hang out with people in person much either. Outside of work we'll get together with some of shelleycat's friends every other week or so for boardgames, but other than that i don't really hang out with anyone on a regular basis anymore =P

So exactly how much less social am i than everyone else?

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Coulton - Skullcrusher Mountain


ZOMG! Good Old Games just added Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri to their catalog!!!! Anyone who like Civ type games but somehow hasn't tried it out yet needs to get it! On the slightly minus side it doesn't include the expansion pack and it's not on sale so it costs a full $6, but those aren't especially big minuses :)

Steam doesn't seem to have any good sales this weekend. Jamestown is a new game that _looks_ really pretty, but it's a Shmup, which i enjoy on occasion but aren't really my thing. They're also advertising Terraria, though it isn't on sale, which i didn't originally think was my thing despite looking like someone combined Minecraft with a 2D platform game using a 16-bit Final Fantasy skin. However Tom McShae gave it a great review and ranted about it on the HotSpot podcast for awhile, so i'm actually thinking about spending a whole $10 on it :)

On the other hand, now that shelleycat has heard that Jonathan Coulton did another song for Portal 2 she wants to hear it, but i don't want to listen to it until i've finished the game. I've been holding out for a sale on the theory that i'm unlikely to manage to do the co-op mode with anyone. Do i even know anyone who's planning on getting the game but hasn't done the co-op already? I know jmpava was planning on doing it with coraa, and i know that stormfeather got through the game ages ago. Anyone else? So i'm not sure if it's worth paying $50 for just the single player, but with shelleycat urging me on i'm kinda tempted. (And no, i can't really play it with her, even if it didn't make her motion sick she says she wouldn't be very good at it.)

Edit: So it seems that despite my initial impressions, neither stormfeather nor jmpava have done the co-op yet, so i think i shall use the _potential_ to play co-op as an excuse to get the game :)

Also, i forgot to mention that GOG is also doing a sale on Strategy First published (not developed) games this weekend. It's quite a wide variety of stuff.